Incoming POP3 Server Limitations
Gary Wills
Oct-31st, 2016 16:13

If you are using mail.[your domain name] as your incoming pop3 server, the following mailbox limitations have been put in place:

  • By default each mailbox is limited to 400MBs in total, this can be increased in size (to 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB and 10GB mailboxes) for an additional charge, please speak to your account co-ordinator regarding this.
  • If you receive an email that is larger than 400MBs or you otherwise reach this limit, the new mail will be stored as normal but any subsequent new mail will eventually be bounced.
  • If your mailbox has reached its 400MBs limited you will no longer receive emails and emails will start to bounce back to the sender.
  • As part of our server house keeping mailboxs which have not been checked for 100 days will be automatically deleted. (This can not be changed).

You will receive an email stating that your mailbox is near is maximum size limit. When receiving this email YOU will have to delete emails from our server by the webmail interface.

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