Mac Mail Error - Certificate is Invalid
Gary Wills
Nov-4th, 2016 11:57
Sometimes when macs update, SSL on email accounts gets enabled by default. Our server doesn't support SSL so you may need to disable this,
Please try the following:
  1. Open Apple Mail.
  2. Click the Mail menu and select Preferences.
  3. Select your mail account on the left under Accounts, then click the Advanced tab.
  4. Confirm the check box labeled "use SSL" is not checked next to ports. If necessary remove the checkmark.
  5. Click the Account Information tab and select Edit Server list from the drop down next to Outgoing Mail Server.
  6. Click the Advanced tab and confirm there is not a checkmark next to Use Secure Socket Layer(SSL).
  7. Click OK and close the accounts. Window and choose to save.
  8. Click Save to update your settings.
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